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My boyhood friend, raised together and grew together. You were everyone's friend.

Born October 10, 1971

Died October 20, 1986

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I remember picking you out of the litter. You came from a long-line of family dogs. "Cindy" your mother, a full-blood Boxer and the Benton's Collie, you looked just like a Saint Bernard so I named you "Barney". You were my boyhood best friend, traveling together and discovering the country together. As I grew and left home, you became everyone's friend and everyone loved you as their own. But you were first in my heart and will always be my first best friend.

I will remember you best from our many many walks through the woods together. You always seemed to know where you were and led the way. You would travel all the way down the holla to town - keeping to the side roads or under bridges. You littered many of the female dogs throughout the county, even though I tried to stop you one time! And I'm sure your lineage is carried on to this day.

You put up with so much from my gatherings of many woodland creatures. Like "Sam" the Racoon but you had the last say in my taking care of "Tweety" the lost Robin. You were also a friend to my dear Q-Bert.

When I left home and discovered the world, you became the friend of many family members and neighbors in the area. You became everyone's pal looking for a pat on the head or a treat in your tummy.

Although, I wasn't with you at the end, my heart held a place for you as my first childhood friend - the one who helped me through adolesence and my love for all animals.

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