In Loving Memory


Gone but not forgotten

Online Pet Memorials

Unfortunately, this website is no longer accepting pet memorials. The site was moved to a new host in September 2016 and no longer supported the type of technology that the website was created. This technology was well over a decade old as this site was first created in 2000. Sixteen years was a good run and we had approximately 2,280 memorials!

The site began as a memorial for my pet Q-Bert (1983-1999) who passed the year before this site was created. Since that time, I have had two other very special pets pass away, Falkor (1999-2014) and Triton (1999-2015) who I raised together shortly after the passing of Q-Bert. And since their passing, I gained another best friend, Bastian. The few memorials that you find on this site either belonged to me or my family. The site will eventually be redesigned but will only remain as memorials to my pets.

If you are looking for a memorial, I would suggest using Facebook. You can create a Facebook Page specifically for your pet under your own Facebook account (visit Bastian's Pet Facebook account as an example). Facebook has all the tools plus more that you would need to memorialize your pet. Plus it's Free!

This Online Pet Memorial web site is dedicated to my pet, Q-Bert, who spent 15 1/2 years with me as my best friend. Be sure to stop by and visit his special memorial.