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My beloved baby, gone but never forgotten.

Born March 19, 1987

Died March 18, 1992

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I know that Suzie is with my little mouse-child in Heaven. As small as they are, they teach us many things that we could never hope to learn in any other way. The smaller creatures make the best guardian angels, and so, fitting rather well on your shoulder, Sweet Pea heard her calling to be your forever-floating-angel, with a watchful to guide you. Sometimes when a ray of sunshine or a raindrop catches our attention in a strange way, we must remember it is our little ones reminding us to keep going until we can meet them on the other side of the rainbow bridge. May your precious Suzie shine that little light upon you today.

posted by: A. L. - (Orange Park, FL USA)
9/30/2005 3:20:03 PM

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