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Gone but not forgotten

Online Pet Memorials

ONLINE PET MEMORIALS is designed to create a virtual community of family and friends for your pet. Add your beloved friend for FREE! You can include all of the important information about the life of your pet along with photos and memories. Features included in your pet's memorial are:

  • Tributes - This feature allows only family and friends to create stories, poems, share memories or anything else meaningful to you or your pet. Tributes can be any length and will remain on your pet memorial until you remove them from your memorial
  • Guestbook - This allows any visitor to the memorial to sign the Guest Book and leave a short message, a permanent record of their visit. You can also send a note to anyone who has left a message in your petís memorial.
  • Photo Album - The photo album allows you to include up to 10 photographs and captions in your pet memorial. You can upload your digital photos quickly and easily.

All submissions are FREE! It's easy, just include all the information on the Add Memorial page and that's it! As a member, you have the complete freedom to expand and to change your memorial at any time through the memorial login.

Why FREE? Because simply, it's wrong for anyone to benefit or profit off of someone's grief. Instead of charging a fee for your memorial, I would hope you will make a donation to your favorite animal charity, I would suggest The Associated Humane Societies, home of Popcorn Park Zoo. Their ongoing care and support for abandoned animals along with their many programs, makes a huge difference in all aspects of animal care and welfare.

This Online Pet Memorial web site is dedicated to my pet, Q-Bert, who spent 15 1/2 years with me as my best friend. Be sure to stop by and visit his special memorial.